“Curbside” is a series cast from, with, and on cardboard. Splayed and sprayed sections of the exterior and interior of shipping boxes hold an inventory of marks, branding, shipping labels, remnants of packing tape, stains and effects of weather. Like spongy palimpsests, the cardboard surfaces have absorbed impressions of past use, tracing records of times and places, and raising questions about systems of distribution. While remaining formally abstract, the graffiti-like scratches and outlines of fences, beds, and carts diagram the absence of an object. Multiple frames, filled with images hugging their edges, nest inside each composition, serving to merge the container with the contained. Imagery and its support contribute to a logic of material transformation by referring us to a cycle of transference and exchange outside the studio.

 Curbside (red lounge)   60 x 40 inches 
 Curbside (shuttle)   60 x 40 inches 
 Curbside (blue wall)   60 x 40 inches 
 Curbside (cracked export)   60 x 40 inches 
 Curbside (corrugated rug)   60 x 40 inches 
 Curbside (orange salvage)   60 x 40 inches